Gathering my thoughts, first Monday in November

I find myself:

::noticing God’s glory

the trees on my street are ALL bright red at the same exact moment.  It’s so so so amazing and magical.  I catch my breath everytime I look out the front windows.

::listening to 

Just Dance 4, the Great Pumpkin brought it in a trade for candy on Halloween night.  All three are “dancing” and some may be singing along.

::clothing myself in 

new jeans that fit, a long sleeve burgandy v-neck and a comfy sweatshirt cardigan that I bought when planning for Adam’s first homecoming celebration.


::talking with my children about these books

Ramona and her Father

I love reading about this family with them.  It’s humbling to read about an ordinary set of parents and sisters that love and dislike eachother in the same moments.  Makes us feel more normal.

::thinking and thinking

Easy breakfasts and how to stream line my life, in a bit life is going to fall all on me, and I need to be smart about self care.

::pondering prayerfully

ALL of Proverbs 19 about listening.  I have big lessons to learn.

::carefully cultivating rhythm

We are snuggled into a good routine.  School is getting done a solid 4 days a week and there is lots of moments in there for play, sweet play.  The real work of childhood.

::creating by hand

The scarf I’ve been slowly working on got pulled off its needles.  I’m not sure how to recover it.  I’m really thinking my kitchen chairs need turkey slipcovers though, and my brain is dreaming of embroidery projects.


::learning lessons in

how to be kind to my most important people.  What it means to show respect in chaos and remembering who needs to be put first, second, and third.   It’s easy as a homeschool mom to put my kids first, but I need to be gaurded and reserve their spot for my awesome husband.  He’ll still be here when the kids are gone.

::encouraging learning 

A library trip, the library hold shelf is bursting for us.

::begging prayers

for my husband’s aunt who is dying.

::keeping house

I read that so the laundry goes, so the house goes.  And I think that’s true for my house too, so this week I’m keeping up with putting laundry away after its clean. I’ll be dilligent and the lack of baskets will inspire me to stick with the rest of my More Time For Mom’s chore app.

::crafting in the kitchen 

meals that have gluten as a side dish, I thought this would get easier. Lots and lots  and lots of roasted vegetables and warm cozy foods like chili, hobo casserole, and gluten free pumpkin bread.

::loving the moments

when I see him play, just play with the kids we created together.


::giving thanks 

for texting


::living the liturgy

This is so hard on me.  I’m lost on how to best model this right now.  I don’t enjoy going to mass alone with all three kids, and I don’t know how to fix it.  I’m loving writing the scriptures by hand daily from Jesus Calling and I’ll add in the Divine Office morning prayers.  There’s a great app for that.
::planning for the week ahead

The biggest plan is to get everyone waking up at a normal hour so I can get my workouts in!