Day One: Ramona and Beezus

Ramona and Beezus by Beverly Cleary

I know that I read this book as a girl, but I have to say I didn’t remember much of it.

Rereading this book aloud to my own daughters made it a lifelong favorite.

We curled up for hours one day on my bed, piled on top of each other, while the boy slept. Every time I tried to stop they begged for more.

Thirsty for sisterhood.

I never had a sister, my brother is awesome though. But the connection is different. In this book and watching my girls faces I could see my oldest love her sister more. My youngest girl was set on recreating Ramona’s antics.

That was my favorite part. To be able to read aloud and affirm that they didn’t always have to feel like liking or loving their sister, but in the end they would probably come around and not help themselves.

I see it all the time. One moment the angst over a stolen seat. A hour later the giggles from joining together to build the boy a tower to knock down.

Ramona and Beezus taught me that sisterhood is meant to have hiccups and to relax.

Mrs. Quimby did a remarkable job of staying calm,


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