Tuesday Daybook


Outside my window…

It’s morning and grey

 I am thinking…

of how to best do “Teacher Appreciation Week” at home.  Can I show my girls adeuetly enough how much I adore them and love them and enjoy teaching them.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” — William Saroyan

So for this week I’m making EXTRA effort to do fun things and to relax.  Like our zoo field trip yesterday which included no mention of workbooks or school.  Just fun.

I am thankful for...

amazing friends who make me stronger, help me see my world through their eyes, and let me love them.

  From the kitchen…

the dishwasher is humming after a Royal Feast last night.  That included Adam wearing an Aloha Shirt and homemade amazing chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwiches.

 I am wearing…

jeans, green running socks that match my green t-shirt.  I’m hoping that wearing the socks will give me the motivation to run when the rain breaks.

I am creating…

moments of quiet.  5 minutes of meditation and listening to 15 minutes or more of great stuff everyday has INFUSED my life with peace and joy.  Maybe, it’s due to Baby Boy sleeping so well too!!

I am going…

to work on cutting out my FB time.  I liked Lent when I didn’t use it.  It turns out FB is like a TV with the volume turned up with channels being flipped ALL day long.   I’m not giving it up;  just reworking my plan.


About the meals, I switched to the Paleo version of emeals and that made life easier.  I really do like dinners that don’t focus on grains.  Might be the Ulcerative Colitis.

I am reading…

to the girls Book Two of the Boxcar Children

on audible The Willpower Instinct

and on my Kindle App Life in the Spin Cycle

and lots of  real paper curriculum manuals.

 I am hoping…

that I can learn to be calm so my kids are calm too.  I’m in a season of planting.  Isn’t that what spring is for?   (Still hoping but also actively working on it…)

I am hearing… 

the girls play and the baby waking up

Around the house…

there is laundry and more laundry… I dread folding laundry.  I have lots and lots of clean laundry that I’m blessed to fold.

One of my favorite things…

watching my friends love my kids and kayaking

A few plans for the rest of the week:

showing my teachers appreciation.


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