Do you have a place you dream about going when life gets rough? When everyone is crying at the same time. When the diaper has exploded for the third time that day. When one of your favorite people is in the hospital far far away from you. When there is glitter all over the bathroom and no one knows how the beautiful mess was created.

In those moments of life, and seems like especially in the long days of motherhood, I dream of escape.

To Tahiti.

Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

One-way. Round-trip, of course.

I’ve researched flights, spas, hikes, and other relaxing things. If you ever go, I’m better than a guidebook. I’ll plan your trip to the very last detail of where to eat, stay, rent kayaks and a hot stone massage.

But really just the act of planning and looking makes me stop and breathe.

Then I refocus on my kids, my husband, my life here. The the dirty dish filled sink, don’t know when I mopped the floor, I’ve washed the same load of laundry four times, when did they girls practice piano last; chaos.

And I’m grateful. Grateful for my iphone to research my escape when I nurse the baby. For the electricity and warm water to rewash those clothes four, make that five times. For the husband who works hard and takes out the trash. For the kids who love me enough to want to keep touching and talking to me even when I CRAVE silence. For the friends I can text who make me realize I should be counting gifts like Ann suggests. The messy moments are gifts.

Because when I focus on gratitude, I realize I don’t need to escape that my life is amazing here.

Of course taking a long hot bath helps too…


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